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The Full Story


Cube Gem Incorporated is an emerging Canadian technology company that mainly provides data center and virtual currency mining related services. We not only provide mining related services for Canada, but also open our mining machine hosting base to the world.

Our company is a joint venture formed by a number of senior Canadian entrepreneurs and shareholders. The industry covers finance, law, health care, catering restaurant, real estate, technology, etc., providing a solid guarantee for the development and operation of Canadian local industries. The company team includes software engineers, hardware engineers, licensed professional electricians, industrial site operation and construction consultants, virtual currency industry analysts, etc. At the same time, the company maintains an in-depth cooperative relationship with Hive OS, and has supply agreements with hardware suppliers in many countries.

The company was founded to provide safe, concise and efficient virtual currency-related services and information for miners and investors all over the world. We will effectively leverage Canada's local strengths in this industry to provide a "New Canadian Solution" for the growing demand for mining and mining machine management services around the world.

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