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Canadian Data Center
Mining Machine Hosting Service

In the current turbulent situation in the international mining industry, the two major powers of China and the United States have joined forces to suppress virtual currencies. Russia has a harsh environment and policy changes day by day. The situation in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia is turbulent and unstable. European electricity bills remain high and taxes are high.
This leaves the question, where is the next ideal place for miners?
Canada will be one of the best choices for all miners

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Canadian Local Advantages

  • Safe and legal

  • Low electricity bills

  • Regular business license

  • The ambient temperature is below zero all year round

  • Adequate green energy and stable power supply

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Cube Gem’s Professional advantage

  • Modular deployment, fast shelves

  • Data center level professional hosting environment

  • Optimize the details until every graphics card

  • Independent power supply station, ample space for expansion


Canadian Policy Advantages

  • Political stability

  • Peaceful and away from war

  • The international attitude is perennially neutral and gentle

  • The government has strong autonomy and rarely makes radical decisions

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Cube Gem’s Security advantages

  • Provide insurance (additional charge)

  • User access and video surveillance

  • Military-grade intelligent security system

  • 24-hour on-duty monitoring of engineering safety personnel

Service Process

Contact customer service representative

Confirm the address, type of mining machine, and quantity. Sign the contract.

Mining machine delivered
Through the official channels we provide
The customer's own shipping channel (does not guarantee the safety of the cargo)

Complete initial payment

The machine is running on the server

Earnings to the account

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