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MetaMask Tutorial: How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

1. Apple iOS users: Go to Apple app store, search MetaMask and download.

Android users: Go to Google play, search MetaMask and download.

2. Go through the introduction of MetaMask and find out what MetaMask is. Click “Get started”.

3. Click “create a new wallet”.

4. Enter the password you want to use, click and accept “I understand that MetaMask cannot recover this password for me”, and then click “Create password” .

5. Watch the video and read the instructions to know why you need to protect your wallet. Click “start”.

6. Recovery Phrase:

Please write it down all 12 words on paper and keep it in a safe place. If you lose your account in the future, it will be used to restore your account. After writing it down these words, click “Continue”.

【* Note: Please keep these 12 words properly. If lost or stolen, all cryptocurrencies in your account will be at risk of permanent loss, and Cube Gem has not responsible for any losses caused as a result! 】

7. Based on the words you have written down, click again and select each word in the order it was presented to you. When you are done, click “Complete Backup”.

8. You have finished creating your account! Click “Done” and “I Agree” to enter your wallet.

9. Send the wallet address (click to copy) to our customer service representative, crypto earnings will be automatically entered into your account.

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